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Photobooth hire in Sydney

Seven Reasons Why a Photo Booth is the Perfect Addition to Your Wedding

The day of the traditional, formal wedding is long past.

Couples and guests now expect weddings to be largely informal affairs which are more focussed on the celebration rather than a serious religious experience.  From quirky venues and cosplay outfits replacing traditional garb to choreographed group wedding dances, the game rules have changed in the wedding planner arena.

One area which has seen a major shift away from tradition is in wedding photography.
Snappy Photobooths are Sydney’s leading supplier of photobooths for weddings and demand is on the rise.  We have experienced a huge influx of people looking for a more relaxed approach to their wedding and we have risen to the occasion with a wide variety of photo booths to suit.

Our range includes open style booths, vintage classics, traditional booths, Instaprinters and more.  We also have a variety of backdrops and props–perfect! Let’s have a quick look at a few ways you may not have considered, where a photo booth can assist in giving your wedding that personalised edge.

Six Tips For Making the Most of Your Photo Booth Experience

Finding that edge to your party or function can be tricky.  Everyone is looking for a point of difference–an angle which will make their event memorable–transforming their status to the ‘hot ticket function’.

That ‘edge’ can not only raise your stakes socially but for businesses, the importance of the client experience can translate to profit and boost your bottom line.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at ways in which your next function can benefit from having a quality Snappy Photobooth, on board.