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How a Photobooth hire can add value to your next event

By snappy-photobooth

A Snappy Photobooth hire is a brilliant option to have an event. It has the ability to really dial up the enjoyment factor. We often say to our clients that a Photobooth acts as an entertainer and photographer in one and more importantly is much cheaper than the two combined. Another bonus factor over alternative entertainment options, is that the guests actually walk away from the event with a FREE photostrip (gift) in hand. Despite what everyone says, every single person LOVES a photo of themselves.
The unique shape and fact that a photostrip can have upto 4 individual photo will mean that guests are likely to hold onto these photostrips forever. They are often placed in high traffic locations such as a fridge or desktop meaning your event will be at the forefront your guests mind and will never be forgotten.
Each of our clients have the ability to include a personalized logo on each of their photostrips. These are all professionally designed and look fantastic.
In a nutshell a logo is a must have for any private event or corporate function – a much treasured photostrip becomes so much more meaningful once people can link it to an event they have been to.
In summary the value add a Photobooth can provide is of clear benefit vs the cost of hire – so when you are umm-ing and ahh-ing whether to have one – re-read the above comments and that should be enough re-confirm your decision.