Thinking Thrifty – 6 Tips for Throwing a Fantastic DIY Christmas Party

It is that time of year again, here in Australia, when we celebrate the end of the year by getting together and throwing a holiday party. Christmas is a magical time of the year, and there is usually something everyone enjoys about Christmas. Whether you throw a get together at work or at your home, there are some essential things to know before throwing a party.

Between trying to organise the food and decorations, you need to think about music, memories, drinks, and gifts. It can be a little overwhelming unless you have an occupation as a party planner!

Keep reading, and you will be informed of the top six tips for throwing a fantastic DIY Christmas Party.


It would not be a Christmas party if you did not have a tree with tinsel and decorations. But that is just the bare minimum. You also want to have lights decorating the room the party is in as well as streamers and other festive indications that it is a party. This includes music as well as pictures.

There are many Christmas songs to choose from, make a Christmas mixtape and have it play repeatedly or put a streaming Christmas music station on from Pandora or Google Music. Lastly, make sure you have a picture-taking corner from Snappy Photobooths designated to the Christmas party. This is where you can have the memory of this Christmas get-together last forever.

The Invitations

How will the crew know about the party? With invites of course! There are a couple of ways to let your friends know you are having a Christmas party. The easiest way is to send email invitations out with the details of the party including the place, date, time, what to bring, and what to wear.

You can also send out handwritten invitations through snail mail if you choose, but you will be busy enough with the planning that you may want to keep it simple. Instead of giving out a ticket to get in the door, require the guests to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. This is always a hit if you have a bunch of people who do not know one another; they all feel silly in their sweaters and it is a great icebreaker.

Christmas Food

Is everyone bringing a dish, are you catering, or is it an appetizer only party? There are many decisions to make regarding food, but one thing is for sure, everyone will be hungry. If your party is at work, you could require a potluck so most of the food is taken care of.

If this is a Christmas party at your home, make sure to have appetizers, a small meal, and a dessert table. This way people can nibble all through the party. For those who are really hungry, there will be a small meal with substance before the festivities begin. Lastly, make sure to have a dessert table for those with a sweet tooth. Christmas cookies, gingerbread, and fudge are just a few Christmas favourites.

Gift Exchange

Make sure to let your guests know if there will be a gift exchange occurring at this get-together. If you do choose to exchange gifts, there are many options to select. You can have a Secret Santa in your workplace that ends at the holiday party. You can also have a gift exchange, but if you do, set a limit on the budget for the present.

Lastly, have a white elephant party. This is where each person brings an inexpensive gift or chooses to re-gift an item they own. This is fun because they are usually gag-gifts and everyone can have a laugh at the silly presents. If you choose to do a traditional gift exchange, spice it up by drawing numbers and selecting gifts from the pile in that order. Of course, make it so the next individual can “steal” presents. It makes it a fun and entertaining highlight of the evening!


What kind of Christmas party would it be without games and silly awards? There are a few Christmas games you can play at your party. The holiday kiss is a spin on the egg game where you cannot use your hands and have to walk an egg across the room that is between you and your partner without letting it fall. This time it is an ornament and you place it on a string.

Awards can be given out for whoever wins the games as well as who wore the best ugly Christmas sweater. Create a ballot and vote on the sweaters. Have multiple categories and vote on items such as most festive, most original, best couple sweaters, funniest, and the best overall ugly sweater.

Festive Drinks

What fun is it without some holiday cheer in your cup? Make a hot chocolate bar where you can serve up apple cider, hot cocoa, eggnog, and other festive drinks that can be spiked at the request of the guest for even more entertainment. If any guests do partake in the alcoholic versions of the holiday drinks, make sure they have a way to get home if they drove themselves, safety first.

A Christmas Party Will Bring You Together

Christmas is a magical time of the year where we all strive to be better. Kindness and compassion that we have forgotten throughout the year comes barreling back to us, and we try to help our fellow man. Christmas get-togethers are an extension of that goodwill, and it allows people to enjoy each other with food, drink, and fun. It is these times that we want to be etched into our minds forever. You can have those lasting memories with photographs.

Here at Snappy Photobooths, we understand how important memories are to you, and we strive to give you the best moments of your night to cherish forever. Make sure to call our team of professionals at Snappy Photobooths to book a booth for your Christmas function or any occasion you want to have a lasting memory of!