8 Questions to ask a corporate event photo booth supplier before hiring them

Are you looking to add a photo booth to your next corporate event? Photo booths are an excellent addition to events such as product launches, conferences and tradeshows. But to ensure your chosen photo booth supplier can meet your expectations there are a number of questions you should be asking prior to hiring them. 

How long have you been in business for?

In order to gauge how much experience your chosen photo booth supplier has it’s vital you find out how long the company has been in business for. Choosing a supplier that has been operating for a number of years will mean they have extensive experience and the knowledge needed to guide you through every aspect of the hiring process. 

How much experience do the staff have?

When hiring photo booths for corporate events you need highly trained and professional staff that are up to the task of impressing stakeholders or potential customers. Ask if the staff member(s) that will be provided has done similar events before and if so how many? Having staff on board that have relevant experience in similar events means they’ll know what to expect from the day and will also be prepared to iron out any potential issues should they arise. 

What other companies have they worked with and what testimonials are available?

Knowing which other companies your chosen supplier has worked with in the past will give you a good insight into whether or not they are suited to your event. You could also look into the companies Google Review and Facebook testimonials to discover if the previous companies or brands were happy with the service they provided for similar events. 

Have you worked at this venue before?

If you’re considering a reputable photo booth hire company it’s likely they may have worked at your chosen venue before. If they have this can be a great advantage as the company will know what is possible in the space and also any limitations that the venue may have. Depending of if your chosen supplier has not worked at your chosen venue before then it’s key that you provide as much information about the space as possible including floor plans, your intended layout, what else you are planning on having in the space, photographs of the space and anything else you think may be useful.

Experienced suppliers will be able to guide you through what photo booth options will work best for certain types of venue. Knowing the venue could also affect the photo booth suppliers load in / load out process so it’s essential that you provide the company with relevant information as early in the hiring process as possible. 

Do you need the venue to provide anything?

You will often find that the company providing your photo booth experience will have everything they need for the event. But this question is still of utmost importance and will reduce the risk of any problems arising on the day of the event. 

How they can customise to suit the brand or theme?

One of the great things about adding a photo booth to your corporate event is that many companies can offer additional extras such as custom photo booth wrapping, personalised photo strips and props or backgrounds which are brand appropriate. Having the option to customise your photo booth experience is key to promoting your company or brand and giving your corporate event the edge. If the photo booth supplier has worked for similar brands of hosted similar events ask their opinion on what extras to include to ensure your branding and communication objectives are achieved. You could also ask to see examples of previous events to get some much-needed inspiration on what to include as part of your booking. 

What is your load in / load out process?

For the event to run smoothly you’ll want to find out what the companies load in / load out procedures are. This will give you a better idea when planning the timeline of your event. You may discover you need additional time before and after the event for the photo booth company to set up and pack away any equipment. Experienced photo booth suppliers will likely liaise directly with the venue to organise this and will probably be familiar with the venues load in / load out requirements.

Is the company insured?

Any professional and responsible photo booth hire company has the legal and moral obligation to have suitable public liability and workers compensation insurance. If your chosen supplier isn’t suitably insured or chooses not to answer this question then avoid them at all costs. 

Asking any or all of these 8 questions should help you discover if the photo booth supplier you are considering for your next corporate event is both willing and able to meet your expectations. 

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