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Reasons to Add a Photobooth To Your Summer Soiree

By Snappy Photobooths

What’s your favourite season? Chances are, you’re in the majority, and summer is your most anticipated time of the year. Why wouldn’t it be? Summer is the season for adventure and festivities. Those longer days beckon all kinds of fun, with modern photobooths as the ultimate accessory for your summer soiree. If you’re on the fence about whether your event needs one, find out how a photobooth can make the most of your summer celebrations.


Capture Your Event Success

You want the success of your event to live on longer than just the event duration. Businesses take advantage of printing their business name or company hashtag on the photobooth prints, capitalising on the brand opportunity. For social soirees, your hired photobooth for events will stamp the occasion with words or pictures that summarise the celebration. You can even share the prints on your social channels, exhibiting the style of your business or the highlights of your personal event.


Give Your Event a Hot Edge

Every party planner wants their event to have something that sets them apart. It’s that X factor that has your guestlist gushing about the event in the following days. Staying ahead of the trends and delivering on the party promise is paramount, and will keep your summer soiree fresh in the minds of your attendees. Don’t fall prey to a boring event, and ensure you’re meeting and exceeding the expectations set. Source a funky backdrop to set against your photobooth, something quintessentially fresh and summer-inspired.


An Endless Source of Fun

A photobooth will always be in hot demand at any summer soiree. It provides an endless source of fun, with endless combinations to be enjoyed by your attendees. With a vibrant range of props and attendee couplings – your photobooth will keep your event kicking on without anyone itching for entertainment or edging towards the exit. In a lot of cases, a photobooth will take the pressure off having to hire entertainment, music or games because it becomes entertainment itself. If your event has a robust itinerary of activity, your photobooth can seamlessly complement your event and be as subtle or central as you like.


Create Unforgettable Momentos

How many times have you had to stop and think, trying to remember where and when that incredible party was. Was it on this beach or that beach, 2015 or 2016? Giving your guestlist the ultimate memento to keep beyond the event will solidify their experience, cementing it in their memories forever. With the rise of device dependency, too few of us take the step to develop photos and keep tangible mementoes. Your summer soiree can be easily immortalised by featuring a modern photobooth to capture those happy moments.


Make your summer soiree a hit with a photobooth to capture all of your seasonal celebrations. Snappy Photobooths have been snapping those memorable moments for thousands of customers, delivering prized mementoes that will stand the test of time. Add some summer spice to your next soiree, and contact our Snappy Photobooths planners to organise your photobooth hire experience.