Corporate Christmas Party Ideas to Liven Up the Dining Experience

With the end of 2019 quickly closing in and stores beginning the process of putting up their holiday displays, it’s time to start thinking about that corporate Christmas party. Corporate Christmas parties are the perfect time to unwind and connect with your workmates in a friendly, fun setting, so if you’re the one organising it, there’s often a lot of pressure to put on a party that appeals to a wide range of people and interests. This often ends in people defaulting to the standard sit-down lunch and leaving it at that, which while a fine and lovely occasion, is by no means the only option.

At Snappy Photobooths, we are all about bringing that extra dash of personality to your events. So, to help you take your holiday to the next level, let’s map out some festive corporate Christmas party ideas to liven up the dining experience!

Spicing Up the Meal

As we said, there’s nothing wrong with sitting down with good food and good company for your corporate Christmas party, it just pays to get a little creative with it. For example, instead of sticking with the traditional restaurant, hire out a small event space and get catering. This will allow you to customise your event to the tastes of you and your colleagues, including fun additions like games and, of course, the chance to hire a photobooth.

Hiring out a venue can also provide you with a chance to theme your event, without getting strange looks from confused restaurant-goers. Whether you decide to go with the traditional holiday theme or something different entirely, it’s sure to spice up the occasion!

Get Skilled

While we all may have ideas in our head of what a corporate Christmas party should look like, the sky really is the limit in regards to what can constitute a team event. A perfect example of this is the shift toward workshops and learning experiences, which are a fun way for team members to work together while also picking up some great new skills along the way.

One possible option that has been gaining in popularity is the interactive cocktail party. This foodie fantasy offers a more hands-on approach to delicious dining, bringing your team together for live cooking and cocktail mixing demonstrations from well-regarded chefs. For large groups, events like these give your guests the chance to choose how involved they want to be. Whether someone wants to take some valuable life skills home with them, or simply wishes to eat some delicious food in a lively environment, an interactive cocktail party is sure to impress.

Hold a High Tea

Nothing screams “I appreciate my employees” quite like being pampered in style. Situated in elegant venues across Sydney, high tea parties give you and your colleagues the chance to feel like royalty for an afternoon whilst being doted on with finger foods and bubbly beverages. Some venues will also offer luxurious pamper stations for the ultimate indulgent experience. Being a relatively formal event, a high tea also provides people with the chance to see their colleagues looking and feeling their absolute best, which seems like a fantastic way to welcome in the holiday season to me.


At the end of the day, a corporate Christmas party is about getting your friends, partners and workmates together for a delectable day of socialising and celebrating the end of a good year. So, why not capture those beautiful moments and mark the occasion with a premium photobooth hire? With styles to suit practically any theme, it’s a fantastically fun addition to any event. Contact Snappy Photobooths today to learn more!