Easter-Themed Photo Booth Ideas

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, an occasion for family and friends to get together and spend some quality time together. The kids will be looking forward to their Easter eggs and maybe a visit from the Easter bunny. There are egg hunts and games, far too much chocolate to be eaten and Easter parties to enjoy with friends and work colleagues. Whether you are organising a family get together, an Easter work party or simply getting your mates together for a night out, you will want some unique Easter party ideas to make sure that your party is cracking!

With a little thought and preparation, you can be the host with the most this Easter. Why not prepare an Easter feast with themed snacks and drinks to get your guests in the Easter spirit? Or, how about organising some egg-cellent entertainment to ensure that your party is one to remember. There are loads of great Easter party ideas out there to inspire you. Easter egg hunts are always a popular option and an Easter-themed photo booth can be a real talking point and gives your guests a fun way to interact with each other and have a special memento to take home from your Easter party.

Keep reading for some fun Easter themed photo booth ideas that your guests will love.

Inflatable Easter Bunny

Your younger and older guests will all get a kick out of having a giant Easter bunny to share the lens with. With a large inflatable Easter bunny as one of your props, you can be sure that your guests will be able to create some hilarious group photos. In fact, you might even want to get a second one to ensure that there is enough bunny to go around.

Easter Egg Cut Outs

If you’re feeling creative, make a visit to your local art supplies shop and let your creativity run wild. Using large sheets of rigid cardboard, draw your Easter egg designs onto the cardboard and cut them out. If your party will mostly be for children, you can include them in the process in the days leading up to the party. Let them design their own cardboard egg cutouts, and they will be extra happy when they see them being used in the photos.

Bunny Ears

Most local costume shops or joke shops will have a selection of bunny ears for sale. Leave these near your photo booth for your guests to pose with and let the fun begin. Choose different colours and materials and the brighter and crazier the colours are, the more fun it will be for your guests. If you can’t find bunny ears already made, you can also consider making your own with just a few simple materials.

Bunny Onesies

 To ensure your guests hop right over to your Easter themed photo booth without hesitation, why not buy a few adult bunny onesies? If possible, get different colours and watch as the hilarity ensues. They can simply be pulled on over whatever clothes your guests are wearing so you don’t need to worry about providing changing area. Of all the Easter party ideas you might encounter, this is one sure-fire way to add some real egg-citement to your event.

Make The Most Of Your Easter-Themed Photo Booth

With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to start finalising your Easter party ideas to make sure that your guests enjoy every moment of the celebrations. Bringing an Easter-themed photo booth to the party creates a fun way for your guests to interact. It can also be a fantastic ice-breaker as your guests work on their perfect bunny pose. Let your family, friends and colleagues take their photos home as the perfect memento from your Easter party or have a display area for them to add their photos to as the evening progresses. Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that every-bunny will have a cracking time at your Easter egg-stravaganza!