The Feng Shui of Fun: Perfect Party Floor Plan Ideas

Are you planning a significant event, party, or wedding? Do you know where to place everybody and everything to maximise the amount of fun that your party goers can experience? No one wants to have to sit next to the restroom or have the music outdone by the catering team in the kitchen.

As you can see, it is essential to think and plan ahead to have a logical and organised floor plan for your next party. By doing so, you will be a hit with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances!

Keep reading to discover the top four perfect party floor plan ideas for your next gathering.

Games & Photos

One of the most enjoyable parts of a function, such as a party, are the games and photos that will be played and taken during the festivities. An easy way to take care of random and spontaneous pictures throughout the gathering is with a photo booth hire in Sydney. You can rent a photo booth and tuck it away into the corner of the room where it is not in the way, but close enough for all members of the party to see it and want to create memories. If you’re looking for a fantastic photobooth then definitely check out Snappy Photobooth’s high-quality photo booth services.


Depending on the type of event you are hosting, accommodation is usually in the middle of the locale where everyone can see and hear everything that is occurring. Seating arrangements can be complicated, especially if you have family members that do not get along with one another. You will want to seat them away from one another to make the most of the party or receptions that is occurring. If you are planning a wedding reception, the wedding party will be away from the central seating area, as they will need to sit together for the festivities.

Food & Drink

What you are going to eat and drink is one of the most vital decisions when it comes to hosting a fun party. Depending on the type of party you are planning, you can have the party be themed, or more sophisticated and reserved if it is a wedding or shower. In any event, the food needs to be placed out of the way of the main gathering. It can be located on the side of the seating where people can see and smell the delicious flavours and concoctions of food that they will be diving into.

Music & Entertainment

The last item that has to make the list for a perfect party is the placement of the music and any other entertainment that will be taking place. Are you have a live band or a disc jockey? If you are using a live band, you need to have more space allocated to the group, as their instruments will need to be set up and placed in their stage area. A DJ will also need a rather significant amount of space to set up their area to be able to rock your guests all night long!

Why is it Essential to Have the Perfect Floor Plan for a Party?

It is imperative that you think about the placement of where people, food, music, and other portions of the party will be situated. By thinking ahead and coming up with a great floor plan, you can avoid the accidental misfortune of a wedding cake falling to the ground because it was too close to where the kids were playing games.

You also do not want to have the food stand directly in front of the bathroom doors. Music in one corner and guests in the other across the length of two rooms means no one can hear the music and no one will dance. Make sure to think of such items when you are arranging the perfect party floor plan!