Focus Pocus – Why Our Magical Photobooths Never Leave You Disappointed

There’s a reason that there is a photo booth present at almost every party these days. Having a photo booth at an event or party has a range of benefits, the most significant being that you and your guests get to keep a record of the fun times you have. It’s one party trick that never gets old and is a great way to energise and break the ice at any social gathering. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your next party and leave your guests with a memento of the evening.


Gather Round

Encourage your guests to take group shots. Having a photo booth attendant will help with that, which is why our photobooth packages come complete with an attendant who can help to ensure the event runs smoothly. This is a great way for your guests to mingle and meet one another, sparking conversations and interaction in a fun, no pressure scenario.


Play Dress Ups

If you’re having a themed party, hire a photo booth that fits in with your theme, such as a vintage style photo booth for a 1920s Gatsby style party. As well as this, you can also hire props and costume pieces that fit in with the theme you’re going for, while still keeping some of the original favourites like moustaches. Even if you’re not going for a themed party, having a bunch of props and dress ups at the photo booth will have your guests feeling like kids again as they try on different looks and take silly photos.


Personalise Your Pics

One of the great things about using a photo booth is that each photo that prints out can have your party date, brand name, newlywed’s name, or whatever reason for the party, printed on the bottom of each photo. This way when your guests take them home and put them on the wall, they will be reminded of the great night they had and the reason they were there! This is a great way to get your branding out there in a positive way or to give your guests a small but special memory of the evening and something fun to be tagged in and post online.


Make Sure You Use It

While you’re making sure everyone else is having a great time at your party, make sure you use the photo booth as well! Party organisers often find themselves looking through all the great pictures from the photobooth after an event and realise there’s only a few with them in it. So, be sure to get plenty of pictures with all of your guests, big groups and small groups, and take away as many memories with you and all the people special enough in your life to have been invited to the party.


A Great Way to Say Thank You

After the party, you will be able to download all of the photos from the photo booth to keep or print off the ones you want. A great way to say thank you to all of your guests is to send them your favourite photo of them from the night with a thank you card. That way, they are left with a nice memento of the night they can look at regularly and recall the fond memories.




Whatever reason you’re choosing to hire a photo booth, it will provide you with great memories of a special occasion with friends or family that you can have labelled and keep on your wall or fridge forever. To book your photobooth hire experience, contact Snappy Photobooths today!