Halloween Party Ideas – How to Bring Some Fun to the Fear

Stop right there, scream queens! Halloween’s just over a month away, which means you only have a little over thirty days left to put together a clever costume! The month of October is all about embracing the weird and wonderful, which can make for some of the year’s best parties. If you’re looking for some neat Halloween party ideas, have a scroll through some of these spooktacular suggestions and see what catches your eye.

‘80s themed Halloween

Get ready to see a room full of Beetlejuice, Freddy Kreuger’s, and maybe the odd Breakfast Club character or two with thanks to this novel Halloween party idea. There’s no denying that the ‘80s saw the creation of a slew of iconic films in a variety of genres, but this decade was a magical era for horror buffs in particular. With cult classics like ‘The Shining’, ‘Poltergeist’ and the meta-horror masterpiece that is ‘Fright Night’, you’ll be guaranteed to have no shortage of zany, over-the-top costume ideas with this theme. Not to mention that the current revival of ‘80s culture and fashion that’s being spearheaded by new media like ‘Stranger Things’, is bound to ensure that this theme will be embraced with open arms. Our traditional photobooth will also be sure to fit right in with your ‘80s vibes and can provide both you and your guests with some truly unforgettable, nostalgia-inducing shots.

Magical madness

Everybody loves magic, and with this party idea, there’s certainly bound to be something for everyone this Halloween. The ever-expanding Harry Potter universe can comfortably collide with characters like Merlin, Gandalf, Maleficent, and the like. Another fantastic thing about this theme is the endless possibilities surrounding food and decor! Fill your venue with cobwebs, black cats, and cauldrons filled with delicious ‘potions’. There’s an unspeakable amount of magical food and drink that you can experiment with, from serving up eyeball crackers to lining plates with little cookies reading ‘EAT ME’ baked fresh from Wonderland. And with any magic-themed party, you’ll need a selection of magical activities, like wizarding duels, tarot readings, and our spellbinding mirror photobooth equipped with magical props. This photobooth will leave your magical partygoers totally bewitched, and may also help you identify any vampiric gatecrashers! There’s always at least one who’ll manage to get in.

Pixar Party

Taking a step in a less spooky direction now, there’s a lot to be said for the charm and diversity that can be found in Pixar films. These animated films are so revered by people of all ages that everybody’s sure to have a favourite film and most definitely even a favourite character. If you choose to throw a Pixar themed Halloween party, you better get ready to see a wide array of superb costumes, and a couple of moving renditions of Randy Newman’s ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’. Our new Galaxy GIF booth and Galaxy GIF Roamer are perfect accessories to a Pixar themed party, and will be sure to transform your guests from costume-clad civilians, to as close to their animated source material as they can get!

It goes without saying that Halloween parties can be downright fantastic, from the outlandish food and drink to the forever exciting invitation to dress up! And at Snappy Photobooths, we believe that all your costume masterpieces deserve to be documented. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to secure your photobooth hire this Halloween.