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Hashtag Heaven – Why You Should Have an Instagram printer at Your Next Event

By Snappy Photobooths

I’m sure you have come across photo booths at every event you attend these days – whether it’s a wedding, a graduation party or even at some of the top bars and clubs in Sydney today, you’ll come across a photo-booth for you to play with.

Now, could you imagine taking it to the next level with a photo booth that prints out your Instagram photos? Well, you don’t have to imagine – that is exactly what an Instagram Printer is! It’s as simple as snapping a photo, adding your event’s hashtag to it and then it’s time to collect your branded print! In this article, we will walk you through why you should (need to!) have an Instagram Printer at your next event if you aren’t already convinced. So, read on to find out more!

1. Keep Those Memories Close To Your Heart With Ease!

Everyone loves a good photo, especially at a special event that you’re attending. When everyone is dressed up and ready to go, what could be better than being able to print images in real time, as you upload them to Instagram? Most events these days have a unique hashtag attached to the night, so all you have to do is snap a selfie with your friends, attach your specific hashtag to the image and head to the Instagram Printer collection point to collect your freshly printed photos!

2. Avoid Those Pesky Lines

When excitement is at an all-time high, you may have dozens of people lining up to use a photo-booth, all gung-ho about getting the best prints possible. Sometimes, this may end up in a line that some people may not be too bothered to join. Avoid the lines, crowds and photo-booth induced traffic jam with an Instagram Printer. Since everyone has a smartphone and an Instagram account these days, you can ensure that there won’t be a build up of people at a photo-booth point, and this also gives guests the freedom to mingle instead of waiting for their turn at the photo-booth.

3. Track Social Reach

One of the best things about Instagram and hashtags is the trackable social reach. Every photo shared with your event hashtag is trackable, and this means that as an organiser or a business that is hosting the event, you will have access to social statistics at the end of the night. You can measure your reach, engage via competitions and truly spread the word with the help of an Instagram Printer.

4. Provide A Branded Takeaway

With the myriad of customisation options that can be adjusted according to your corporate brand or event type, you can ensure that people will remember your event and your branding when they bring home their branded Polaroid-style shots. You can even opt for having personalised messages from you to your guests in the footer of your photo, as well as an option to have magnets attached to photos so that people can stick their prints out on their fridge with ease. People are sure to remember who you are with your custom InstaPrints.


We hope that this article has given you some insight into why an Instagram Printer at your next event is such a fantastic idea! Have any queries? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.