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How do Mosaic Photo Walls work and why are they so popular?

By Snappy Photobooths

Looking for an idea of something innovative, engaging and interactive? It’s time to check out our biggest launch of 2019, the stunning Mosaic Photo Wall

Intricate in design and powerful in their presentation, a Mosaic Photo Wall allows you to create a visual design that is personalised making it perfect for any corporate or private event. If you are unsure what a Mosaic Photo Wall is and why they are so popular at events, here is why you should consider one for your next special event.

What is a Mosaic Photo Wall?

A Mosaic Photo Wall is created through individual photos that are snapped at an event. Our advanced digital booths automatically take these fun shots and can transition them onto a TV or projector (digital) or we can create a physical board with printed tile stickers (physical) at an event so that the mosaic can start to come together over the duration of the event. Both options are able to work together too! 

Another bonus is that photos that are taken at the event (that are included in the Mosaic Photo Wall) are able to be branded and sent digitally to guests instantaneously via SMS or email. We are able to also activate data capture options where we can digitally survey guests who getting their photos taken to partake in the Mosaic Photo Wall.

Engagement and interaction overdrive occurs when our guests to step in close to admire each unique photo, or step back and enjoy hundreds of photos coming together to tell one story in a photo that ties in with your event. This is where the Mosaic Photo Wall obsession truly begins with guests being blown away at this innovative activation. The Mosaic Photo Wall is the ultimate entertainer. Seamless technology means that everyone can enjoy the interactive fun. We always endeavour to choose an area that is well-lit where guests can stop and marvel at our clients beautiful photos and incredible mosaic image. At Snappy Photobooths, we love to explore ways to liven an event through quality photography packages and technology that blows our clients away, and the Mosaic Photo Wall is no different. 

Why are they so popular?

Most events will have a great photo booth hired on-site and ready to capture the event, making the Mosaic Photo Wall an easy plug in and an interactive experience that not many people have experienced first hand. If you have seen a Mosaic Photo Wall in action, you will understand why they are so popular – we often see queues of people (we have counted sixty deep!) itching to be involved in the Mosaic. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing it first hand, think of it as a way to extend the celebration and capture all those moments, big and small. The Mosaic Photo Wall is particularly special at weddings or engagement parties as they show photos of the couples sharing a romantic moment and celebrating with friends and family around them. Corporate clients love it as an option to show off their corporate branding and often use it for product launches, celebratory events and Christmas parties. We often say to clients to “think of it as visual storytelling that has built to the momentous occasion you are all apart of at the event, and you can re-visit this visual story whenever you like with all images stored online (digital) or on the Mosaic board (physical) and ready to access and keep”.

behind the scenes as a mosaic photo wall is created

What is included in the Mosaic Photo Wall packages?

There is a ‘physical’ and ‘digital’ Mosaic Photo Wall package, and both options will make for a memorable event. The physical option requires your attendees to place their printed photos (which are printed as stickers) on a purpose-built mosaic board with set coordinates. The digital option will automatically take the photo and feed it into TV or projector where it can digitally become a part of the mosaic.

Each option includes: 

  • Event Rental
  • GIF Booth
  • TV (digital) / Mosaic Board (physical)
  • Digital Copy of Photos
  • Full-Time Attendant
  • Online Gallery Hosting (28 days)
  • Free Delivery (Sydney Metro)
  • Set Up & Removal
  • Backdrop

a completed mosaic photo wall
At Snappy Photobooths, we are fortunate enough to be a part of many special events. If you are looking for more inspiration for your mosaic photo wall, contact our Snappy Photobooth team to find out how you can incorporate this into your upcoming event.