How to host an Australian backyard wedding in 2020

It’s no secret us Aussies love nothing more than enjoying the great outdoors. There’s something uniquely Australian about throwing an intimate celebration in the comfort of our own backyards and backyard weddings are something many Australians are opting for as of late and for good reason.

If you or your partner are the creative types, well organised and feel your backyard is the perfect setting for the big day then below are some key points on how to host an Australian backyard wedding in 2020.

Initial Planning

Planning even the smallest wedding takes more manpower than one might expect so it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a professional wedding planner or trusted family member to help turn your backyard wedding dreams into a reality. You’ll need extra hands on the morning of your wedding to set everything up too. If you’re planning on hiring items such as tables, chairs, marquees, caterers or considering wedding photo booth hire then try to arrange this as soon as possible.

Lastly don’t forget that any outdoor wedding needs a ‘plan B’ and your backyard wedding is no different so be sure to hire some sort of protection from the elements should the weather take a turn for the worst.


Having enough space for your guests to park can become an issue when throwing a  backyard wedding. If there is ample street parking available then you may want to let you guests find their own parking. But it’s still a good idea to let your neighbours know that parking may be limited on the day and the reasons why. Remember some guests may not have been to your property before so you may want to consider providing guests with a parking map or arrange simple signage on the day to help guests find the venue.

people sitting at a wedding

Tables & Chairs

Whether you’re planning a laid back BBQ or an altogether more sophisticated cocktail style reception it’s vital that you have enough tables and chairs for your guests. If you’d like to accommodate all of your guests for a sit-down meal at some point throughout the day then it’s likely you’ll have to hire the tables and chairs. When enquiring about hiring items such as tables and chairs always get quotes on the maximum numbers you think you may need. It’s much easier and less stressful to cancel 5 or 6 items closer to the big day then it is to try and find them from somewhere last minute!

tables and chairs at backyard wedding

Food & Drinks

Catering is often one of the biggest expenses when planning your wedding, yet it’s often the best option if you want to save valuable time preparing food and drinks leading up to your big day. Sushi and sandwiches can be arranged via non-wedding caterers and can be a crowd-pleasing, cost-effective catering option.

When it comes to drinks many guests will be more than happy to BYO but you may still want to provide drinking water. If you are providing drinks then consider who’s going to serve them. Asking a family friend, who you would not be expecting to invite, can be a good solution to keeping drinks topped up and your guests happy without costing the earth.


Don’t get wrapped up with planning the more exciting aspects of your wedding and forget about the basic facilities. If you are planning on inviting a large number of guests then you may want to consider hiring portable toilets. It’s also important to make sure all of your toilets have well stocked with essentials such as toilet roll, hand soap and hand towels. Bins are another essential that can often get overlooked, yet are especially important if you’re providing food and drinks throughout the day. You’ll also need to ensure your guests can get home safely, especially if they’ve been drinking, so it might be wise to provide them with the details of a local taxi service or provide a nearby hotel for them to stay in.

Although planning a backyard wedding can often be more difficult and time-consuming than the average function centre celebration, don’t be put off. Backyard weddings are an excellent way of showing your friends and family your personality and making your wedding truly reflect your unique relationship. Come the day itself all your hard work and planning will pay dividends as you, your friends and your family enjoy a day that you will never forget.