Now Picture This… The Benefits of Photo Booths Over DIY for Your Next Function

What’s better than a selfie? A ‘groupie’, of course.

Social media integration is fast becoming mandatory when throwing a successful party or event. The ability to capture the hype and buzz of guests enjoying themselves, and sending them out in real-time, is transforming both corporate and private functions into ‘must attend’ events.

Traditionally, a professional photographer was the official documenter at occasions such as corporate functions, weddings or seminars. Many organisers are now realising that guests are demanding a far more flexible, relaxed and interactive way of gaining a memento of an event.

This means it may be timely to take a look at the advantages of hiring a photo booth, over more conventional methods to capture and share the festive fun.


The most compelling thing about modern photo booths is the huge range of technological capabilities they offer. No longer just the basic booth, where multiple subjects jostle for a single seat; state-of-the-art booths display a huge range of functions, including:

• Social media integration
• Ultra high definition quality
• Brandability
• Instant prints
• Real-time sharing
• Customisable with logos and messaging
• Animated GIFs
• Instagram sharing
• Data analytic capabilities
• Video messaging
• Open style photography, perfect for groups

Photo booths come in a range of styles, from Ultra definition booths with world-leading intelligence systems, through to stylised versions which complement any occasion.

A couple of quirky style ideas which are currently available include:

Mirror Photo Booth

This sneaky little showpiece is actually a photo booth masquerading as a stunning, gilt mirror. Not only will this elegant mirror enhance the prestige of your event, it will draw the curiosity of guest and encourage them to relax and participate in the fun.

Vintage Styling

Fancy something a little retro for your next event? Old-fashioned character meets cutting-edge technology in these deceptively simple booths. Capable of printing in black and white, colour and even sepia, these photo booths would be perfect for themed events where glamour and classic style were required.

Backdrops and Props

The ability to spice up photos with green screens, backdrops and a range of props, is another benefit of the modern photobooth. Guest love to ‘ham’ it up together and it is the perfect ice-breaker, encouraging guests to mingle, laugh and chat.

Professional Presentation

Maintaining a professional front is paramount for businesses – which is why an attended photo booth makes perfect sense. Keepsakes can be branded with company logos which provide guests with not only a memento from the event but furnish you with a handy corporate marketing tool.

Save time, save stress

Whether a corporate event or private party, no host wants to spend their valuable mingling time, taking photos; their job is to put guests at ease and encourage interaction.

Photo booths which come with a dedicated attendant are a wonderful way to provide guests with a fully interactive, professionally organised experience. These attendants will get into the spirit of the occasion, encouraging guest participation whilst assisting them with their social media sharing when required.

Attendants will even set up and remove the photo booth, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the company of your guests!

The options for incorporating a versatile, high-tech photo booth into your next function are almost endless. A photobooth is the perfect inclusion for corporate team building exercises.  Consider the excitement a photo booth would add to your next office Christmas party.

They are also ideal as a point of difference for teenage birthday parties or a 21st. Perhaps you are hosting a wedding or engagement party and need a special way to remember the day – a photo booth with a Premium Guest Book is the answer!


Whichever event you are throwing, a photo booth could just be the best way to take your event from the mundane to the magnificent!

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