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Snap Happy With Snappy Photobooths – Why Choose Us!

By Snappy Photobooths

At every party you attend, there’ll be moments where you’ll realize something memorable is happening. One of the great things about photobooths is that we not only get to decide how we’d like to remember these moments, but we also get to have our own mementos that’ll aid in us keeping our memories alive. The fantastic thing about Snappy Photobooths is that we not only get these mementos, but we also get to decide exactly what these mementos will look like as well. We like to define ourselves as the most innovative and customizable photobooths around, offering a myriad of market-leading technologies and cutting-edge styles that’ll get your guests grinning in no time. Here’s how Snappy Photobooths step ahead of the crowd!

Booths for all occasions

From baby showers to 50th wedding anniversaries, we’re guaranteed to have a photobooth perfectly suited to any kind of party you’ll be throwing. All you need to decide is what kind of atmosphere you’re looking to create. The wondrous authenticity of our Vintage Photobooth can easily make this addition the lifeblood of your Roaring Twenties party. Or if you’re looking for something sweet and sleek, our Ultra Definition Photobooth is guaranteed to make everybody look red-carpet-ready. And if you’re going for timeless, our Traditional Photobooth will be sure to entertain guests from across the generations, and maybe inspire a touch of nostalgia along the way.

Premium features for everybody!

When you hire one of our photobooths, you’ll also be given the option to choose from one of three comprehensive packages; standard, super or ultimate. On top of this, you’ll also have the option of including your own premium add-ons (from adhesive magnets and personalised frames to a dedicated social media station specifically for your party’s online documentation) to smaller packages, saving yourself from spending unnecessarily on features you won’t need. Regardless of your party budget, all packages come with free delivery, set up and removal, unlimited printing, a full-time attendant for your photobooth, online gallery hosting, and an accompanying prop box and backdrops for your use.

Party on multiple dimensions

You’ll be chuffed to know that our innovation does not stop here. If you’re looking at breaking the mold with your next celebration, consider our two more unique photobooths: our new-age GIF booth, and the ethereal Mirror Photobooth! The highly interactive mirror booth will allow your party-goers to have hours of fun drawing doodles directly onto their photos and taking stellar selfies with the most outrageous groupies. It’s wide frame and impressive scope means that nobody will be cropped out, ever! And it goes without saying why the GIF booth would be a hoot and a half. Most parties can only be remembered in still-frames. Mid-jump. Let your guests be captured in full. Not only do both of these groundbreaking booths boast instant social media sharing and cutting-edge photographic technology, but their immense novelty and easy use will make them a sure-fire hit at any party.


With options aplenty and a guarantee of good times, photobooths are undoubtedly a superb addition to any party. And any party worth having is definitely worth remembering. So take a moment to grab a memento and get snap happy with Snappy Photobooths!