The Hush Helper – A Sneaky Guide to Throwing the Perfect Surprise Party

It is said the most challenging party to organise is one that no one ‘knows anything about’. This is known as a surprise party and is something many friends will do for each other in anticipation of their birthdays. However, organising a party of this kind can be more difficult than one may think, which is why we have outlined a number of tips on how to throw the perfect surprise party.

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Be Ready

Whether it be a big party or a small get together, there is going to be a hundred things you will need to keep track of. This will put your organization skills to the test and it’s easy to let something slip out of hand, especially if you’re handling preparations alone.

It is found writing things down is a great method of remembering and keeping track of everything. Whether it be the individuals attending, the venue or the catering, it is wise to ensure you have a list of everything you need to know, so you can effectively remember each and every element. It is also a good idea to label different topics on the lists with symbols that may denote its important and level of time sensitivity.

Keeping The Secret

What would a surprise party be without the element of surprise? Although this is somewhat obvious, keeping a secret that so many people know from a single person can be more difficult than one thinks. A good method of keeping the secret from the special individual is to utilise the power of online group messaging. Whether it be through Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, communicating with each other in a space that the person doesn’t belong in will allow you to organise things with ease.

With that said, the real battle of keeping the secret will come on the day of the party, and the best way to prevent suspicion arising is to create a distraction. You can do this by getting a friend to meet up with the special person and take them out to keep them preoccupied whilst the rest of you put the final tweaks on the event. This way, when the person arrives, they will genuinely be surprised and shocked (hopefully displaying a priceless facial expression for the ages).

Have A Guestlist

To ensure you have a drama-free party, it is wise to include a guest list to ensure people who are not invited won’t get let in. At times, parties can get out of hand, with the unfortunate case of drama and conflict which is usually due to the fact that individuals that have not been invited attend anyway. Using a guestlist will prevent this from happening, and depending on the size of the party, it may be worthwhile using bouncers in case thing get out of hand.

As you can see, throwing a surprise party can be challenging. However, if you ensure practical organisational skills, secrecy, and include a guest list, it will see you throwing the perfect surprise party for that special someone.

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