The Federal and State Governments across Australia have done a commendable job in limiting the impact of the health pandemic we are currently facing.

Strict social distancing regulations has severely impacted public celebratory gatherings such weddings, corporate events and all other private event types.

The implication of this rightfully correct decision has meant the Photobooth and Entertainment hire industry has been significantly impacted in a negative way.

On a now positive note, with COVID 19 pandemic well-managed, Photobooth and Entertainment businesses are now given the greenlight meaning that Snappy Photobooths can operate in a new risk-adverse COVID 19 safe operation.

Guidelines and processes are strictly followed, prioritising the health of our guests, employees and relevant stakeholders.

Operating in an COVID 19 safe environment will ensure our valued guests will continue maximise their Photobooth and entertainment experience as they have previously done so in the past.


Our Commitment

  1. Adhered to national and state public health directives.
  2. Support successful social distancing and hygiene procedures that have been executed to date.
  3. Raise any concerns about the risk of contracting COVID-19 immediately with relevant stakeholders.
  4. Monitor the extent of COVID-19 within the wider community.


Risk Assessment

  • Terminating non-essential work activities that involve close personal contact (less than 1.5m)
  • Implementing controls to reduce direct contact with workers and guests, including:
    • Social distancing of at least 1.5metres (1 person per 4sqm indoors). A 1.5 metre restriction will be required for guests residing in a different household. Creation of additional space by proactively working with venue contacts to increase operation space. Execution of a plan for queue management will be supported by floor markers.
  • Implementing controls to reduce environmental exposure, including:
    • Increasing cleaning and disinfection of high traffic areas or shared surfaces.  Photobooth and Entertainment hire apparatus will be sanitised upon commencement and completion of each event. Props are to be removed from all packages and replace by digital props (where possible).
    • Provide cleaning products and instruction for cleaning workspaces. Hand sanitising liquid will be made available for all stakeholders.
    • Provide instruction and amenities for personal hygiene and infection control. Thoroughly trained employees will manage compliance throughout the event hire period. Should compliance be jeopardised, the employee will notify the hirer immediately to find a resolution.


Response Plan Checklist

  • Introduction of a comprehensive COVID 19 response plan check list. Formulation of this document will provide clear and concise direction in the event of a COVID 19 break out. Proactively communicating with hirer, venue and relevant stakeholders is a key focus within this plan. Compliance and co-operation are key pillars allowing for the response planning and execution. Should any investigation be undertaken by any State or Territory Government, we commit to ensuring the forward coming nature and transparency of information being provided in a timely manner.



Our commitment to managing a COVID 19 safe environment is paramount. Understanding and closely monitoring the fluidity of this Coronavirus pandemic means immediate adoption of newly introduced Federal, State and Territory Government guidelines and process.

Whilst a true ‘normal’ way of life may be a short time away, having our valued stakeholders supporting our COVID 19 safety measures will encourage a new ‘normal’ that can foster the equal enjoyment we had prior to the COVID 19 pandemic.


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