The Glambot is a sophisticated robotic video capture device often used in events and productions to create stunning, branded slow-motion footage reminiscent of the glamorous red carpet moments seen at events like the Oscars. It captures subjects in dramatic detail, showcasing their elegance and style as they pose or walk. The resulting footage is enhanced with custom music, logos, and effects, making it a visually captivating experience.

Audio Guest Book

The retro style telephone combines everlasting charm with the latest digital audio technology in the market allowing for the digital recording of voicemails in a novel and entertaining approach. The Audio Guest Book is perfect way of capturing and cherishing unique voicemail messages designed to be memorable keepsakes for years to come.


The state-of-the-art SketchMe aims to empower brands by delivering marketing goals in an entertaining, interactive and engaging approach. The unique robotics and artificial intelligence technology permits for customised solutions to marketing objectives of brand recognition and awareness.

Collaborate with us by sharing marketing objectives and we will support to deliver the perfect solution with our innovative SketchMe allowing for these goals to become a reality.

Virtual Booth

Born from demand in the modern Corona-era, the browser-based Virtual Photo Booth allows guests to take photos in a ‘virtual’ Photo Booth experience–similar to that of a Traditional Photo Booth at an event.

The remarkably customisable Virtual Booth is the ultimate multiple media experience supporting the creation and social sharing of branded still images, GIFs and Boomerangs. The browser-based software supports remote and non-remote events within built customisation branding opportunities, powerful social media capabilities and artificial intelligence that allow for super-imposed personalised backdrops. Simple user operation combined with pioneering functionality guarantees the delivery of a memorable guest experience.

Video FX

Empower your brand by adopting the high-technology Video FX. Video FX is the craftsmanship of professional-customised short videos utilising state-of-the-art special effects. Once created, sprinkle the magic of social media and SMS technology and you have a marketer’s dream–high-technology branded videos ready to be shared virally.

Slow Motion 360

Slow Motion 360° is an interactive and amusing experience to create and instantly socially share professionally branded guest videos produced by the state-of-the-art Slow Motion 360°. Customisation and special effects opportunities makes this electrifying experiential marketer’s dream solution to achieve their marketing objectives.

Mosaic Photo Wall

The exceedingly interactive, Mosaic Photo Wall, combines experiential entertainment and cohesion with state-of-the-art photographic technology allowing for the physical or digital mosaic creation in real-time – the seamless blend to your perfect event.

Flip Book Creator

Hilarity. Theatre. Interaction. Three words that best describe the innovative experiential – Flip Book Creator. A highly-interactive, novel approach to saving your precious memories, Flip Books are a magical blend of experiential entertainment and cutting-edge photographic technology, resulting in the creation of stunning Flip Books in real-time.

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Want Snappy Photobooths at Your next event? Book us today!

Want Snappy Photobooths at Your next event? Book us today!

At Snappy Photobooths, our vision is to be Sydney & Australia’s most innovative and trusted Photo Booth and Entertainment industry provider that facilitates continual adoption of market-leading technologies and cutting-edge styles. We aim to create the most beautiful, intelligent and user-friendly Photo Booths, GIF Booths, Instagram Printer, Mirror Booths, Mosaic Photo Walls, Magnet Photo Makers, Slow Motion 360° and Flip Books on the market.

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