The Ultimate Guide to DIY Photo Booth Props: Fun, Easy, and Budget-Friendly!

Photo booths have become an essential feature at events, from weddings and birthdays to corporate gatherings and festivals. They provide entertainment, create memories, and offer guests a fun way to capture moments. One way to elevate the photo booth experience is by incorporating creative and personalised props. DIY photo booth props are not only fun and easy to make but also budget-friendly. In this ultimate guide, we will explore various ideas, materials, and steps to create your own props that will make your photo booth a hit.


Why DIY Photo Booth Props?


Creating your own props allows you to tailor them to the theme of your event or to reflect your personality and interests. Whether it’s a birthday party with a superhero theme or a wedding with vintage charm, personalised props add a unique touch.


DIY props are much cheaper than buying pre-made ones. You can use materials you already have at home or purchase inexpensive supplies, making it a budget-friendly option for any event.

Fun and Creative Activity

Making photo booth props can be a fun activity to do with friends or family before the event. It’s a great way to get creative and bond over a shared project.

Materials You’ll Need

To get started on your DIY photo booth props, gather the following materials:

– Cardstock or Foam Sheets: These provide a sturdy base for your props.

– Scissors and Craft Knives: For cutting out shapes.

– Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick: To assemble your props.

– Wooden Dowels or Skewers: For handles.

– Markers, Paints, and Glitter: For decorating.

– Stencils and Templates: To help create consistent shapes.

– Stickers, Rhinestones, and Other Embellishments: To add extra flair.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making DIY Photo Booth Props

Step 1: Choose Your Designs

Start by deciding what kinds of props you want to make. Popular choices include:

– Speech Bubbles: Write funny phrases or greetings.

– Masks and Glasses: Create quirky eyewear or masquerade masks.

– Hats and Crowns: Add some regal or playful headgear.

– Lips and Moustaches: Classic props that always get a laugh.

– Themed Items: Depending on your event theme, such as pirate hats, superhero logos, or wedding signs.

You can find templates online or draw your own designs.

Step 2: Prepare Your Templates

Print or draw your templates on regular paper. Cut them out carefully to use as guides for tracing onto your cardstock or foam sheets.

Step 3: Trace and Cut

Place your templates on the cardstock or foam sheets and trace around them with a pencil. Once traced, use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the shapes. Be precise to ensure your props look neat and professional.

Step 4: Decorate Your Props

This is where you can get really creative. Use markers, paints, glitter, and other embellishments to decorate your props. For example, you can paint a crown gold and add rhinestones for a regal look, or use glitter on lips to make them sparkle.

Step 5: Attach the Handles

Using a hot glue gun, attach wooden dowels or skewers to the back of each prop. Place the stick about one-third from the bottom to ensure it’s easy to hold without covering the prop’s design. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the props.

Step 6: Add Finishing Touches

Inspect each prop and add any final touches needed, such as extra glitter, a coat of sealant to protect the design, or additional embellishments.


Creative DIY Photo Booth Prop Ideas

Seasonal Props

– Christmas: Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and mistletoe.

– Halloween: Witch hats, vampire fangs, and spooky masks.

– Easter: Bunny ears, Easter eggs, and carrot signs.

Themed Parties

– Luau: Flower leis, hula skirts, and tropical drinks.

– Hollywood: Movie clapperboards, celebrity sunglasses, and award trophies.

– 80s Party: Neon glasses, boom boxes, and cassette tapes.


– Mr. and Mrs. Signs: Elegant signs for the bride and groom.

– Heart-Shaped Props: Decorate with the couple’s initials.

– Champagne Glasses: Celebrate with bubbly-themed props.


– Age Numbers: Large cut-outs of the celebrant’s age.

– Birthday Hats: Fun and colourful party hats.

– Cake and Candles: Props featuring birthday cakes and candles.


Tips for a Successful DIY Photo Booth

Set Up a Backdrop


A good backdrop enhances the photo booth experience. You can make one using a large piece of fabric, streamers, or balloons. Ensure it complements the theme of your props.

Provide Ample Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for taking great photos. Use natural light if possible, or set up a few lamps or fairy lights around the booth area.

Create a Comfortable Space

Ensure there’s enough space for guests to move around and pose with the props. Provide a small table to hold the props when they’re not in use.

Encourage Participation

Sometimes guests need a little encouragement to start using the photo booth. Place a sign nearby explaining how it works, or have someone demonstrate it at the beginning of the event.

Have a Camera Ready

Whether you’re using a professional camera or a smartphone, make sure it’s set up on a stable surface or tripod. Provide a remote shutter or set a timer for ease of use.

Offer Printouts or Digital Copies

If possible, offer guests the option to print their photos on the spot or provide a digital copy they can share on social media. This adds an extra layer of fun and allows them to take home a keepsake.

DIY photo booth props are a fantastic way to add a personal and entertaining touch to any event. They’re fun to make, budget-friendly, and can be customised to suit any theme or occasion. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating props that will delight your guests and make your photo booth the talk of the party. So gather your materials, get creative, and start crafting props that will ensure your event is remembered for years to come. Happy crafting!