Use Your Surroundings – Seven Tips For Incorporating Your Venue Into Your Photo Booth Experience

Are you looking to hire a photobooth, but completely over your head as to what the perfect backdrop would be for your event? If so, it may be time that you consider using your existing wall or area at your venue as a backdrop. If you are hosting an event at a scenic rooftop bar or the botanical gardens, then you essentially have the perfect backdrop that is just absolutely screaming out for a photobooth.

In this article, we will share 7 tips for incorporating your venue into your photo booth experience, so grab a cuppa and keep on reading!


Placement Is Crucial

Placement is everything when it comes to perfect photoboothing, so look out for brick walls, flower gardens or tealight-illuminated areas at your venue to place your photo booth. Anything that sticks out and looks unique is a fantastic option to use as the perfect photo backdrop.

If possible, you will want to choose an area at your venue that isn’t obstructed by tables, people or unsightly backgrounds involving traffic, roads or anything that takes the magic away from your photobooth experience.


Natural Lighting

There is a reason most photographers favor natural lighting over artificial lighting. Natural light can lend your photos so many different effects, depending on the time of the day. You can make use of those midday shadows, or look for a spot in your venue where the sun breaks in a little to achieve an ultra glamorous look.

Options are endless with natural light, and most event locations tend to have ample amounts of sunshine – perfect for a cheeky photo booth shot.


Weddings Make The Perfect Fairytale Scene

Are you hiring a photobooth for your weddingIf so, you already have the perfect backdrop for all your shots. Ceremony areas are usually prime location for photos, as they are often well-decorated with flowers, lights and other magical additions that make a wedding so special.

Why not make full use of these decorations? You will definitely be rewarded when you see the final outcome of all your photos.


Make Full Use Of The Beauty Around You

When it comes to the perfect background setting for a photo booth at corporate events, never forget to make full use of the beauty that surrounds you. If you are hosting a company event, consider a rooftop bar. Panoramic views of the city, a pleasing amount of foliage and minimalistic floors and decor are a fantastic addition to any set of photos. Such venues are perfect for year-round celebrations.


Encourage Guests To Come In Fancy Dress

Aside from picturesque backdrops, you’ll want to try your best to make your guests the center of attention as well. Encouraging guests to rock up in fancy dress will add an incredible amount of fun to your final printed photos. Furthermore, with everyone having gone to so much effort to dress up, the idea of a photobooth will be all that more appealing to your guests.


A Touch Of Magic With Some Fairy Lights

Just because the sun has set doesn’t mean that your fun has to end. If your venue allows it, have some lights that are ready to go on full-blast once dusk starts to settle in. Inexpensive options such as fairy or tea lights are an amazing way to add even more magic to both your venue and your final shots.  


Finally, Take It Easy

The whole idea of hiring a photobooth for your event is to bring an element of fun and playfulness to your party. There is no point in stressing out too much about the little things, so enjoy your event, have fun with your photos and everything else will fall into place.


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