Photobooths at school fetes are a MASSIVE hit!

Yesterday we were at the Bellevue Hill Public School fete as they hired a photobooth for the children in the hope to generate some fundraising for their school. All we can say is that the kids LOVED it judging by the queue pictured below!

The feedback we received from the school was ‘Thanks for your involvement, the booth was a wonderful addition to the event!”.

We do often have our photobooths at school fetes across Sydney as they add the extra WOW factor to an event. A photobooth hire at a school fete is a crowd pleaser with instant entertainment and can assist your fundraising goals as you can charge your guests a nominal fee for the photos.

What we often find is that a school will source a local sponsor such as a café, tradesperson, real estate agent etc that will either part fund or fully fund the cost of a photobooth in exchange for advertising that will appear on each photo strip. This can make it more feasible for a school to rent a photobooth for their school fete and can generate greater funds for the school as guests will pay to use the photobooth.

As we have been to many schools previously, we are also registered as a supplier with the Department of Education, which makes it easier for your accounts team.

If you are organsing a school fete, then come to the experts in photobooth hire for a customise photobooth quote or you can view our packages by clicking here.

You can call us on 0466682943, email us on or fill in our online photobooth enquiry form and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

We look forward to ensuring your next school fundraiser is as successful as the Bellevue Hill Public School fete!