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A smart seamless solution designed exclusively to aid in accomplishing marketing ambitions and objectives.

Features and benefits

  • Unique user-friendly solution to maximise usability
  • High technology customisationto assist in achieving marketing objectives
  • Powerful social media sharingand data capturecapabilities
  • Personalise with brandable options
  • Customised solutions to suit marketing goals

How it works



We set up a custom branded experience for your event. Guests pose, ready to take photos.



Your brand is captured with every photo session with guests.



Your spectacular branded photobooth prints photos and digitally shares for your guests using your own tailored template..

The Best Photo Booth for every event

Serving parties & events across Sydney.

The exquisitely presented Photo Marketing Wizard aims to empower brands by delivering marketing goals in an entertaining, interactive and engaging approach. The super technology-packed permits for customised solutions to marketing objectives of social media visibility, generating revenue, brand recognition and awareness, data collection or traffic management.

Collaborate with us by sharing marketing objectives and we will support to deliver the perfect solution with our best-in-class Photo Marketing Wizard allowing for these goals to
become a reality.


Optional extras

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different experience?

We have a wide range of products to suit your event entertainment needs – whatever the brief. We also offer customisations, event branding options and a range of add-ons and inclusions. View one of the products below or contact Snappy Photobooths today for any additional information.

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Want Snappy Photobooths at Your next event? Book us today!

Want Snappy Photobooths at Your next event? Book us today!

At Snappy Photobooths, our vision is to be Sydney & Australia’s most innovative and trusted Photo Booth and Entertainment industry provider that facilitates continual adoption of market-leading technologies and cutting-edge styles. We aim to create the most beautiful, intelligent and user-friendly Photo Booths, GIF Booths, Instagram Printer, Mirror Booths, Mosaic Photo Walls, Magnet Photo Makers, Slow Motion 360° and Flip Books on the market.

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Photo Marketing Solution

Looking for a super intelligent photobooth to help achieve your marketing goals and objectives?

The Snappy Photobooth’s Photobooth Marketing Solution is a cutting edge photobooth assisting in marketing for experiential and brand activations via the creation of bespoke entertaining experiences based on individual client needs.

Why is there a need for this product?

It has been well known for many years that brands have been struggling to reach target audiences due to the advancements of technologies and redundancy of many traditional forms of media.

The rise and mobile transformation of the general public now means that brands are in the hands of consumers. Influencers have grasped the explosion of mobile technologies which means traditional marketing channels need to be adjusted to help connect marketers to their target consumer.

What solution can snappy photobooths offer?

The reality is that the consumer admiration of photography and technology advancements has provided Snappy Photobooths to introduce to market their Photobooth Marketing Solution which is essentially a conduit from marketer to consumer and vice versa.

The Photobooth Marketing Solution is a hyper technology infused modernistic photo marketing machinery designed to capture, engage, connect digital and real-life marketing efforts. Capturing this new hybrid form of social media marketing and experiential marketing is the forward moving way of many corporate clients at a more reasonable cost and efficient manner than traditional marketing methods.