The Celebration is Afoot! How to Put on a Fantastic Mystery Party

Mystery parties are some of the best, yet some of the rarest, parties in the modern age. Murder mysteries, finding the missing person, solving the puzzles, and, more recently, escape rooms are all part of the fun and adventure. It’s no surprise that these parties are hard to organise, they have to keep everyone guessing, and often involve teamwork to figure out riddles or solve the puzzles to reach the end.

There is a finesse when it comes to planning these parties, and it takes years to refine down into an art form. Luckily for you, we have put in the hard yards and can tell you the secrets to putting on the best mystery parties any of your friends or family have been to.

Mirror Booths

A way to immortalise the evening, sure, but with a touch of class and a hint of mystery? It can only be the Mirror Booth. Seeming to be little more than a giant mirror, this photo booth can take DSLR quality photos and upload directly to social media instantly, making it a must-have for the beginning, middle, or end of the thrilling night. For added effect, try disguising it in your main foyer area as a normal mirror before revealing it’s true purpose to your guests. As the night rolls on, you’ll find your friends and family in more of an adventurous mood, leading to funnier selfies and a better time had by all, all thanks to the mirrored booth and your incredible planning skills.

Guest List

Your guest list is hugely important when it comes to having the best possible time, and we have a formula for making it an unforgettable night for everyone involved. Your guest list should comprise of people who get along and know each other, members of a few different social circles to introduce people to one another, and outsider friends from away from the group that you think will blend nicely with your friends and/or family. The even spread of these social types is important because having one outsider in a group with long-term friends will make them feel alienated, but having all strangers will mean that very little team building can happen.


Next up is the InstaPrinter, a new innovation from Snappy Photobooths that can not only be fun and interesting, but also can play a role in the festivities. Allowing you to print custom Instagram-style polaroids, the Instaprinters are great for making memories last forever with your friends, but can also be used to leave eerie clues as to the identity of the murderer, or the location of the next puzzle.

This combination of technology and good old puzzle solving makes for an interesting, puzzling, terrifying and very fun evening for everyone involved. Walking away with photos to remember it by is even better, and with these snazzy bits of tech your party will be the first in a line of copycat parties throughout your friend group.