To have an attendant or not?

Whilst our photobooths are the most sophisticated in the market, we find it imperative to provide an attendant for your function from a customer service perspective.

In addition, the attendant will:

–       Ensure that guests place their photo strip in your guest book and write a message.

–       Remind and prompt you to have your photos taken. For example at a wedding there can be many things the bride and groom are doing, however the attendant will ensure that the bride and groom hop in together along with other important friends and family. They will also provide a reminder half an hour to an hour before the hire time ends to see if they want any last shots.

–       Often props are included in your package, the attendant will ensure they are kept near the photobooth and can be used for all guests (rather then being lost and part of your security deposit won’t be returned from other photobooth companies for lost property).

–       Make sure that drinks or food do not enter the photobooth, thus potentially damaging the photobooth (again, this can jeopardise receiving your security deposit back).

–       We want you to relax and enjoy your celebration – the attendant will manage everything for your photobooth hire!

The general theme to our feedback from previous clients is how much they loved the photobooth and how helpful the attendant was. Just check out our facebook page for recent comments from our clients.

This makes us believe you need to have an attendant at your function!