Six Tips For Making the Most of Your Photo Booth Experience

Finding that edge to your party or function can be tricky.  Everyone is looking for a point of difference–an angle which will make their event memorable–transforming their status to the ‘hot ticket function’.

That ‘edge’ can not only raise your stakes socially but for businesses, the importance of the client experience can translate to profit and boost your bottom line.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at ways in which your next function can benefit from having a quality Snappy Photobooth, on board.

Corporate class

Position a photo booth at the entrance to your corporate event and stand back and watch the fun. Not only will it break the ice, encouraging guests to mingle, it offers the opportunity to give your clients a keepsake which has been personalised with your business logo.  This is a priceless marketing opportunity.

Fundraiser fun

Many event organisers struggle to find a common point of interest for guests, especially where functions such as fundraisers are concerned, where many guests are coming together as strangers.  

The beauty of the photo booth for these events is, it allows guests to mingle in a lighthearted fashion whilst advertising your brand.  We also have photo booth solutions which can generate funds for your cause–simply and without the need for high-pressure soliciting.

A marriage of convenience

In the modern era, the formal wedding has moved aside for less traditional customs.  Introducing photo booths at weddings has become a successful method for:

  • Encouraging guests to mingle
  • Saving on the cost of expensive professional photographers
  • Providing guests with a keepsake or bomboniere
  • A fun and quirky way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd

Anniversaries – family, friends and photos

Family members and friends alike will love how easy it is to create memories with our booths–building albums with photos of loved ones which will last forever. Consider our Open-Style photo booth which will allow large group family photos, incorporating many generations.

When celebrating a special anniversary or milestone, the facility of video messaging which is available on some of our booths comes into its own.  What a wonderful way to send a personalised, special message to the guest/s of honour.

Birthday bonanza

Whether a child’s birthday, a 21st or an 80th, a photo booth is the perfect way to get the party started.
With some of our booths having the capacity for guests to leave video messages which you can treasure forever, there has never been a better way to truly celebrate a loved one’s special day!

Snaps with Santa

Having Santa and a photo booth available at your next Christmas party is a recipe for success!
Imagine how the kids will be lined up.  Consider one of our 
vintage photo booths, designed to impart classic charm.  We can provide a variety of backdrops to add some Christmas colour to the occasion.

So often these days, cherished memories are left on a digital device, putting them at risk of being permanently lost.  A photo booth provides a physical hard copy of your most treasured memories for both you and your guests.

Whichever category your next function falls into, raise the bar by incorporating all the fun, frivolity and social excitement of a Snappy Photobooth.  With free delivery within 40km of Sydney’s CBD, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get this party started!