I’m engaged – now what?? Have some photo booth fun!

Congratulations! This is such an exciting time for you.

At Snappy Photobooths we really want to take the stress out of planning a wedding and therefore have created a ‘Wedding Checklist’ for you!

This will be really helpful in planning your big day and making sure you are organised.

Our wedding checklist will assist you with guidance on what to book first, such as your venue and celebrant…and of course your photo booth!

We also have a ‘Links’ page, whereby you can view various Entertainers, Photographers, Videographers, Decorators, Hair & Make Up as well as Marriage Celebrants that are based in Sydney – just to make it that bit easier for you.

Make your event a stand out with a Snappy Photobooth!

If you want a copy of our Wedding Checklist, just ask!


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