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The history of the photobooth

By Snappy Photobooths

The patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1889 by Mathew Stiffens; however, it was not reliable enough to be left unmanned and not much came of it. What we know as the modern day “photobooth” with an curtain and backdrop was invented by Siberian immigrant Anatol Josepho in 1925.

The popularity of photobooths grew exponentially during WW II as soldiers and loved ones took numerous photographs to share with one another. The beginning of instant photography by Polaroid in the 1960’s and 1970’s greatly detracted from the popularity of photobooths and they began to fade from public consciousness.

Jump to the 21st century, with the enormous advancements in digital photography and printing, photobooths are back on trend. Digital photo booths are easily transportable making them affordable and readily available for private events such weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties, fundraisers, anniversaries and many more occasions.

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