What is a Slow Motion 360 and why should you have one at your next event?

What is a Slow Motion 360 and why should you have one at your next event?

The trusty old front-on photobooth is always a crowd pleaser, but sometimes the event calls for a little extra to really make it stand out and leave a lasting impression. The Slow Motion 360 is that extra step up – as we say it’s a special activation that is sure to get your guests telling the world about how amazing your event was.

This cutting-edge Slow Motion 360 consists of a platform that can accommodate up to four guests, an automated arm mounted beneath the platform with a ring light and camera assembly attached to the arm, pointing inwards towards the platform. Once activated the motorized arm will rotate automatically around the platform at high speed, capturing a short video of the guests standing on the platform as it rotates around them. This makes the centre of the platform and the guests standing on it the focal point for the entire video. Once the machine captures the video, our state-of-the-art software renders and modifies the video in seconds, slowing parts of the video into slow-motion, reversing the video, adding music and sound effects and a plethora of other effects, all of which are fully customizable by the client. This does include personalised branding – perfect for private and corporate events.

The end result is a high production value 360 degrees video of the person or people being show-cased on the platform, where they can show their dance moves in full 360-degree glory, demonstrate skills like juggling with the slow-motion effect, or simply pull off your best Blue-Steel look! The possibilities are endless, and the Slow Motion 360 allows the users to get way more creative than they could on a conventional photobooth.

Feel free to contact our team to find out how a Slow Motion 360 can lift the entertainment dial at your next event to MAX.

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