Why Is A Photobooth Popular?

What is driving popularity of the Photo Booth?

It is quite ironic to think that the photo booth which was first launched in 1889 still exists today. Yes – technology has rapidly moved to increase functionality and news design of modern style photo booths are exciting consumers however one must consider what are the driving factors that has elevated the photo booth to achieve the status of a ‘must have’ item at any event. Exploring the below points will provide a clear understanding why photo booths are super popular despite being in market for 131 years.

Technology – advancements in photo booth technologies such as high definition cameras, sub-dye printers have resulted in lab quality prints that are produced in an instant fashion satisfying the needs of both guests and hirer. Fancy designed photo booths that are made possible by the reduced size of technological parts and supplies means that there is a design that suits all types of consumer needs.

Social Media Integration – incorporating social media sharing of photos across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter along with the ability to send imagery via text and emails are game changers and with that bring a new band of ‘Photo booth’ followers who seek this product for their next event. These followers include technology savvy consumers and those that are looking to utilise social media to achieve certain goal such as corporates looking to hire a photo booth to help achieve their marketing goals. Functionality like data capture and the ability to run promotions i.e. competitions with a photobooth only increases the demand as the photo booth is more than a simple camera and printer. The stunning looking Galaxy GIF Booth is a perfect example of our smartest photo booth on offer.

Trusted Entertainer – Given the sheer popularity of the photo booth, it is very likely that a hirer has seen a photo booth deliver fun and joy at an event before. It is well-known that a photo booth will tick off the entertainment bucket and help memorialise an event to ensure it is never forgotten. Peace of mind equals popularity for photo booths.

Reasonable Price – A photo booth popularity is well supported by price. If one calculates the cost of having a physical entertainer and a photographer at an event, it would be a clear-cut decision to have a photo booth if on a restricted budget. For corporate clients looking to reach their marketing goals and objectives, the included technology within a modern photo booth helps to streamlines systems and processes that would have been costly to implement versus traditional to execute similar activations.

The evolution of the Photo booth continues to make head waves in the entertainment market. With the photo booth becoming a regular staple at events it is critical that further technological developments take place to differentiate reasons to why one would need to have a photo booth at their next event.

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