Why hire a Photobooth for your corporate event?

What’s the purpose in organising a great Christmas or New Year party, a milestone celebration, or even an important new product launch, if there’s nothing to remind participants about how good they were? Well, one thing’s for sure, corporate partying will never be the same again, because with a corporate photo booth hire or rental, your clients, suppliers, employees and other invitees will have a load of amazing pictures to take home, and you can be sure they’ll treasure each one of them for years to come.

If you are thinking of hosting a large, informal party or get-together with your staff members, or a spectacular product launch ceremony anywhere in NSW, a Snappy Photobooth will make the difference between the ‘average’ event, and one that’s truly unforgettable.

Enliven the proceedings

The most important objective of hiring a Snappy Photobooth is that it enlivens a party or event and get invitees to shed their inhibitions and let loose. We recommend to place the photobooth at a high traffic location at the venue, and watch your guests take turns to walk in and take strips of funny pictures of themselves during the function.

Match the function’s theme

Let your creative mongrel run free. This is because Snappy Photobooths have the ability to customise the outside decals of their photobooths and allows for the photo booth to be completely rebranded with your company logo, corporate colours etc.

Customise your photo strips

Each photo strip can be customised with a corporate tag line, monogram, logogram or message. These photo strips become valuable, take-home souvenirs for guests. If you are hosting a corporate event to introduce a new product or business, the benefits of photo booth picture customisation are huge. It reaffirms relationships between you and your clients or employees, creates goodwill and further enchances the product and corporate brand awareness.

Thinking of a corporate photo booth hire or rental, think Snappy Photobooths.



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